Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Aero-Garden Plants

This is my little "Jigsaw" pepper plant currently growing in my aero-garden...

Aero-Garden "Jigsaw" Hot Pepper Seedling

Growing plants in the aero-garden is very easy and you will have success. Things germinate quickly and easily just by placing the seeds on top of the little moist sponges that fit into your aero-garden system. It's like having a little mini hydroponic system in your home. Because Aero-Garden units are conpact, they can be placed just about anywhere in your home...like dark corners.

The following are pictures of my own aero-garden plants. You can grow anything from strawberries...

Aero-Garden Strawberry Plant

to tomato plants...

Hahm's Gelbe Cherry Tomatoes from Germany

You can also grow flowers in your Aero-Garden too, to bring some much needed color to those dark dreary winter days. 

All that is required to start your Aero-Garden when you buy a kit, is water. The seeds and everything else needed are included in your kit. Aero-Gardens are well worth the money and they will bring you years of enjoyment.

This shot shows one of my current Aero-Garden systems in use, with an Alpine strawberry plant to the left, a "Litte Blue" hot pepper in the middle, and an "Explosive Amber" plant on the far right...

Shot of whole Aero-Garden system with strawberry & hot pepper plants growing

Lately, I've been gobbling strawberries...

Aero-Garden strawberries

and tomatoes...

Hahm's Gelbe

An Aero-Garden can also be used to propagate plants and root all kinds of different cuttings.  You can grow herbs on your kitchen counter, flowers in your bathroom, or just about whatever you want. Aero-Gardens are worth the money and you'll have loads of fun.  I have four systems in total and have them all running right now with growing plants...

"Explosive Amber" hot pepper

Baby "Explosive Amber" fruits

As my plants grow and develop over time, I'll show more shots in this blog.  Hope you go buy an Aero-Garden after reading this post..and have LOADS of fun growing and harvesting your own fruits, veggies, and flowers!

Good Luck!

: )

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